Summerwood Homes Inc.
About us
Summerwood Homes Inc. is a home building Company located in Reedsville, PA. We specialize in the building of efficient, Custom Built Homes, with the foremost emphasis on structural integrity and cost.

Summerwood Homes has constructed over 250 custom homes and townhouses in central PA. Building custom Homes for over twenty years has allowed us to collect the best suppliers and installers in the business. We will be able to guide you through the process of designing and creating you custom home and allowing you to chose from top quality materials in every aspect of the design. Call for a free plan design or a quote on an existing plan.
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- Big and small Custom Homes
- Geothermal Heat Pump
- Radiant Floor Installation
- "Super" Insulation, Low energy
- Computer Designed Plans
Free Quotes from your plans or ours!