Frequently asked Questions
Summerwood Homes Inc.
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How do I obtain plans?
We have many typical plans for your review and a couple of links to the many home plan sites on the internet. If you provide us with a sketch or a print of a floor plan you are interested in, we can further custom design the house with our own in house architectural software. This will allow us to then easily make further revisions to the house plans and customize it to your exact needs.

How do I obtain pricing?
Once you have a plan, we can quote you a price for itís construction. We can further outline all the costs involved in permits, excavating, utility tap fees and other items so you have a complete picture of the entire cost involved. We can list all the features and cost on a formal quote along with blueprints that you can further use to obtain financing.

How do I obtain financing?
Our office can guide you through the best options in our area for financing. The banks are usually going to require you to provide some type of plans and a formal quote. If you are approved for financing you can then enter into a construction agreement that outlines in full detail the plans, there cost and the time allowed for completion.